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Let me help you with your brand.

If you’re wanting a logo you love, one that truly reflects your voice and aligns with who you are, then we’re meant to be. My collaborative and thoughtful approach will help you clarify your vision and develop a brand that's unique, just like you. 

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested”

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This is me.

I’m Sandy Magee, the proud owner of Redsand Creative. Since 2000 my mighty workforce of one has been providing professional graphic design services in the Okanagan, across Canada and the U.S.


My passion for design and commitment to client satisfaction ensure prompt, professional and relevant creative solutions. I have been doing this for a long time. This experience, along with my degrees in Psychology and Graphic Design and Illustration, mean you’re in good hands.


When I'm not clicking the mouse I spend my time cycling, paddling, reading and working on my second business; Zentered Kids.


This is what I am meant to do.

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This is my process.


Connect with you via call or email

  • Who are you and what does your company do?

  • Collect info about your needs, vision, inspiration, etc.

  • Anything you don’t want to see?

Logo R1.png

First draft

  • Conceptualize, research, draw and then refine. 

  • Present 4 initial concepts.

  • Which option or elements do you like best?

  • Collect any other feedback or direction.

Logo R2.png

Second draft

  • Present revised concepts.

  • Get feedback from you.

  • Narrow down to one design.

  • Clarify colours, fonts, etc.

Logo R3.png

Third draft

  • Present revised concepts.

  • Get feedback from you.

  • Any last tweaks before the final draft?

Logo R4.png

Final draft

  • Present final logo.

  • Supply final logo files (print and web use).

  • Virtual high five for our great collaboration!


What does your business need?

Standard Icon.png

Standard Package

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Archive - file formats for print & web use

Deluxe Icon.png

Deluxe Package

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Archive - file formats for print & web use

  • Business Card Design

  • Letterhead Design (Print and In-house Word Doc Versions)

  • Envelope Design

Premium Icon.png

Premium Package

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Archive - file formats for print & web use

  • Business Card Design

  • Letterhead Design (Print and In-house Word Doc Versions)

  • Envelope Design

  • Identity & Graphic Standards Manual (PDF Format)


What my clients have to say.

Sandy was awesome to work with on our logo design. He listened to our ideas and made great changes. Sandy was very professional in his process and communications. We look forward to working with him in the future. – MS


I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have the connection to Sandy for all my graphic needs. Sandy is extremely talented and produces amazing results. He is very dependable and responds quickly, friendly and professionally. He has a gift of being able to decipher an idea and provide quality drafts to choose from. Sandy provides all the files necessary in conducting any type of business platform necessary. Sandy is one of a kind who makes it easy to develop a lasting great relationship with. He is a beautiful person. I would highly recommend Sandy for any of your or your client's branding and various graphic needs – BP


This is the second time I've worked with Sandy. I chose him again because he is kind, responsive, creative, talented and very professional. Sandy produced a logo for our soccer team and we’re thrilled with it. Beyond expectations. Thanks again, Sandy! – AD


I found Sandy extremely easy to work with. I chose him because he had created logos for companies that were in my target audience. He was qualified, knowledgeable and flexible in his approach to my needs. Sandy was in regular contact with me during every step of the logo design process and was open to my ideas for all aspects of the project. I very much appreciated Sandy's low key, professional approach and would recommend his services to my colleagues. – JM


I have been working with Sandy for about 6 years. He has designed and created a wide variety of content for our company. He always takes my initial ideas and responds with what I was envisioning - but better! I would 100% recommend Sandy's graphic design services. – JR



Why hire a pro?

Do it once, do it right. A professional designer will create a logo that works across multiple platforms: print, web, social media, large format, etc. A pro will understand colour theory, the difference between CMYK and RGB, leading and kerning, bitmap vs. vector files, and all the elements that will make your brand stand out.

What makes a great logo?

Logos are usually comprised of typography, graphics, and colour schemes. These are visual design elements, and their quality is essential to the success of your brand. I combine extensive brand research with logo design principles to optimize these elements. A great logo is the perfect tool for attracting an audience and making a lasting impression. Your logo should be designed to stand out from similar brands. It’s your “voice”, so it should say “hey, this is who I am”. Your logo should also be sticky. Something memorable will make a subconscious impact on your customers, affecting their buying decisions and overall feelings toward your brand. A great logo is versatile. This means the design should hold up in all digital and physical medium. It should be suitable for mobile and web, for digital and print, for every scale and shape. A lot goes into a great logo design. I’ll walk you through step by step, so you get exactly what you need.

How long does it take?

This depends on the package you choose. Many of the most impactful and successful logos in history appear surprisingly simple. While a simple logo mark or typeface may seem quick and easy to come up with, if done well, there's often a lot more to it than meets the eye. A Standard Package may only take a couple of weeks, whereas a Premium Package will likely take a month or longer. There’s a lot of back and forth, tweaking and refining, so you also play a role in how the project moves along. Your logo is a big deal. We’ll take the time needed to get it right.

What is the cost and how do you pay?

I have set rates for each package (not including tax): • The Standard Package is $600 • The Deluxe Package is $1200 • The Premium Package is $1800 If you want additional work beyond what is included in each package, I’m always happy to provide a quote. Most clients pay via etransfer. I also accept payment by cheque.

Do you own everything at the end?

Yes, it’s all yours. There are no back-end royalties or sneaky fees. I hand the files over to you. I also archive them in case you misplace them, or you need additional work in the future.


Contact me.

Sandy Magee

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